Top 5 Games Like Age of Empires
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How to Properly Set Up Pinnacle Game Profiler
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How to Use Pinnacle Game Profiler
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The Best 1440p monitors for gaming : Buying Guide
Size and Resolution aren’t everything When looking at monitors today most novice gamers just think about size and resolution. From 24 inch 1080 to 32 inch or ultrawide 4K monitors, there’s already a lot to choose from, but perhaps the most important and overlooked factor is the type of panel a monitor uses. Also, manufacturer… (0 comment)

Does Pinnacle Game Profiler Work?
Playing PC games are fun, but there are times when you’d wish you can get more out of the experience. Unfortunately, not all PC games offer game controller support and those that actually do don’t always support all kinds of game controllers. Controller emulators are available online, but many of them offer very little customizability… (0 comment)

How Do GameStop Trade-ins Work?
GameStop gets a lot of attention for giving seemingly outrageously low prices for people selling back games, but, hey, at least you have that option. GameStop stores are still around despite the expanding digital market for video games. Between Steam and a few others like, the PC market is covered. Huge sales are common… (1 comment)