Can the GTX 1070 Run 4K?

Can the GTX 1070 Run 4K?
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Well the short answer is yes. Oh, you want the long answer?

Well, sometimes it can and that really demands on you game and your chosen quality. We now have three major resolutions to work with in gaming. 1080 high definition, 2k or WQHD is the next step up at roughly four times the pixel density of older HD’s 720, and UHD or 4k which is about four times the density of the 1080 HD, with minor variations of all the main modes with some types of 4k having a few more or less pixels in total.

You can get picture perfect screens, but there’s always a catch.

What this means is an astoundingly clearer picture as you get more pixel density but something needs to power those pixels. For games, that’s your trusty graphics card. It’s always satisfying to finally run your games in ultra-settings, but it is even more satisfying to bump up the detail by a factor of four and see every little detail. Unfortunately, the card has to render four times as much of your game as the gains come from thousands more added pixels. So, can you do this with a shiny new 1070? Let’s find out.

Well, on average, yes, you can get the gold standard of at least 60 frames per second out of most games, but not all, but this is average, not minimum and may require lower settings on games such as GTAV and Battlefield 1.

Forests are GPU killers and usually give you the worst fps of the game. Anywhere around Riften in Skyrim was always stuttering for me and even for people on console versions.

Minimum frame rates are the main cause of glitchy frustration.

The average is all well and good, but minimum frame rates typically occur when the action is at its most critical (multiple enemies on the screen, trying to fight for the lead in a race with dozens of realistically rendered cars) so it is important. The occasional dip below 60 fps is tough to notice, but having average frame rates under 60 or minimum frame rates around 30 are noticeable changes and can really bring you out of the game. Big titles such as the Witcher 3 and the newer Ghost Recon Wildlands can be so jumpy that they are difficult to play, BUT you can play them in 4k, especially if you tune the game to lower settings.

A 1070 can do it, but maybe wait on your 4k TV purchase if you can.

Basically, if you are shopping for a TV, maybe get a 2K if you already have a 1070 as it should still power through most games at 60 average with few dips below 40 fps. If you already have a 4k tv, don’t worry too much as you can still play many games with a 1070, but it will be only certain games and you may need some setting tweaks to balance quality and framerates. For multiple monitor gaming, 4k is absolutely a no-go and even dual 2k’s would make a 1070 struggle, but dual 1080 screens should be a breeze. 4k is impressively beautiful, but it’s also impressively difficult to power.

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