Can you play GameCube Games on Wii U with Nintendont?

Can you play GameCube Games on Wii U with Nintendont?
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Your ever wish to play the favorite GameCube games on Wii U can become true with a couple of homebrew tools. You can perfectly play GameCube Games on Wii U with the installed Nintendont, a part of Wii homebrew that can allow you to play this games well.

With the arrival of the Wii in 2016, GamCube lovers can easily win through the support of backwards compatibility. However, when Wii U arrived with the “virtual Wii” mode, this feature disappeared. The ourstanding feature of Nintendont is to restore the compatibility and add additional features of GameCube as well as supercharge the capabilitites of GameCube on the Wii origin.

It is quite simple to install Nintendont in the Wii mode of the Wii U. With Nintendont, you can complete the card of emulated memorry or customizable controls or even play games with DualShock 3, Wii U Pro Controller and so on.

Understanding of Nintendont

There is no need for Nintendont to emulate the hardware of GameCube. When ditching GameCube on the Wii U, Nintendont can effectively flip the virtual switch to switch the feature off. Then Nintendent turn on again to allow GameCube games to operate properly at high speed.

Used on the original Wii mode on the Wii U, the firmwave can allwo the exploit to be possible. Since the installation of Homebrew Channel is done, all additional applications on Wii can be installed and run including media center, emulators, and boot loaders to allow to run games from SD card or USB.

Before the start

What you need to prepare before you start include:

  • SD card or USB with the memory of minimum 2GBs with the purpose to store both Nintendont and SD Remix. As Nintendont need the format using FAT32 so make sure you have done the formating.

  • Wii with Gamecube compatability

  • Install Homebrew Channel

  • Copy of SD Remix from the methods of DIOS MIOS or from the ISO.

How to Install Nintendont

Firstly, you need to make sure the installation of the Homebrew on the Wii before proceeding the installation of Nintendont. As Nintendont doesn’t ask for cIOS revisions, additional USB loaders or any other tweaks, just get the console to the place where the Homebrew installed.

Whichever consoles are used, what you need to do is to download a couple of files to put on a regular 2-GB SD card. Since the installation of the Homebrew Channel is done, use bigger SD cards or USB sticks with the console. This step can be skipped if there is the already-installed Homebrew Channel.

After that, put the SD Card in the Wii or you can attach the USB Drive, then switch on the Homebrew Channel and finally start up Nintendont.

For games, it is optional to set up a folder on the same SD card or format hard drive or a USB stick before putting the games there. Then, put the .ISO files in the folder of games/gamename/game.iso. The “game name” part can be replaced but it’s important to know that game.iso for multi-disc games can name the image disc2.iso.

How to install GameCube Games

Using the same format of games as DIOS MIOS, GameCube’s procedure is quite the same.

Mode 1: Use USB loader to rip GameCube game just like with Wii games.

Mode 2: Copy GameCube games from the computer directly to the USB.

GameID can be on GameTDB if necessary. Though some loaders require the game code part, you can still omit it alternatively.

The name is not actually a big matter. The ISO must be called with the exact name of game.iso. You can rename to .iso if your game is named a .gcm.

If there are multiple discs of the game, it is recommended for you to place an additional disc2.iso in the same folder. The rest, Nintendont will automatically switch the discs.

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