The Best 1440p monitors for gaming : Buying Guide
Size and Resolution aren’t everything When looking at monitors today most novice gamers just think about size and resolution. From 24 inch 1080 to 32 inch or ultrawide 4K monitors, there’s already a lot to choose from, but perhaps the most important and overlooked factor is the type of panel a monitor uses. Also, manufacturer… (0 comment)

Why are GTX 1070’s So Expensive?
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which GTX 1070 runs the coolest ?
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Can the GTX 1070 Run 4K?
Wait! Maybe you want to check out our review and pick for the best brands that offer GTX 1070 cards. 3rd-party bonuses like overclocking and cooling make a world of difference.   Well the short answer is yes. Oh, you want the long answer? Well, sometimes it can and that really demands on you game… (1 comment)

Best GTX 970 : How to choose ?
The Search for the Best GTX 970 Nvidia’s GTX 970 may not be the most powerful video card around today but it’s still considered one of the crowd favorites. More than capable of running games at 1080p at a fraction of the price of the latest video cards, the GTX 970 has found its place… (0 comment)