How Do GameStop Trade-ins Work?

How Do GameStop Trade-ins Work?
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trade of gametop it works?

GameStop gets a lot of attention for giving seemingly outrageously low prices for people selling back games, but, hey, at least you have that option. GameStop stores are still around despite the expanding digital market for video games. Between Steam and a few others like GOG.com, the PC market is covered. Huge sales are common and you can get a whole collection of games like the Witcher series for the price of just the base game on consoles.

But where is the cheap market for digital console games?

There isn’t one, and that’s where GameStop comes in. They offer cheaper copies of used games sometimes as soon as the next day after a game releases. No wait for shipping and you can lend games to your friends or sell them yourself if you wanted to. Used consoles, controllers and other items fill the shelves too. But to fill their stores with used products, someone has to sell to them, and that person could be you.

But how does it all work?

Well, for games it’s simple. For a new console game still selling for $60, you can expect to get around $20-$28 for it depending on the demand for that game. For older games, the price varies a lot but could be as low as a few dollars or as high as $18. It sounds like next to nothing, but if you are truly done playing with a certain game, what else are you going to do with it.

some people have extensive collections of all their games and that’s fine, but I prefer to trade them in when I think I’ve gotten all I wanted out of them. As a bonus, all you need is the disc. No case? No problem. If you include the case and all the unused download codes, good for you, but you don’t need to. Just a disc that isn’t cracked.

What else can I trade and what accessories do I need to include?

Well, nowadays you can trade a whole range of electronics in to GameStop. Got an old phone that you forgot to trade in? bring it in and it can pay for your next game. Did you shatter the glass on you Galaxy S7 Edge with no insurance? Well at least you can get $85 for it at GameStop. Bring the charger for extra, but don’t worry they still take it without the charger.

Consoles are welcomed too. Looking to upgrade to a PS4 Pro or Project Scorpio in the future? Get about $170 for a PS4 or Xbox One trade in. if you have all the controllers and cords, great, if not they just take off some of the value.

Promotions are King

The most important thing to watch for is a trade in promotion, of which GameStop has several. When a new console, like the Switch, drops, GameStop will often add more store credit on if your trade-ins are going towards purchasing one. Right now (prices constantly change) you get a $30 bump on your PS4 trade in if its towards a switch. GameStop members get more credit for trades and this can work in your favor when the stores have buy 2 get 1 free sales, and the rarer buy 2 get 2 free sale. trading in your old console and your whole collection of games can really make upgrading to the next console generation more affordable.

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