Why do You Get So Little Money When Selling to GameStop?

Why do You Get So Little Money When Selling to GameStop?
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why are gamestop trade in values so low

If you aren’t familiar or comfortable with how to go about trading stuff in check out our overview of GameStop’s trade-ins  here

Have you ever brought in a mountain of games, a controller or two and even an old phone into GameStop only to find that they will barely give you enough store credit to afford one new game? It can be pretty depressing. Even more depressing is seeing your game that you sold for $15 up in the store, used, for $54. Well there really is a good reason for this.

GameStop struggles to make money.

Retail stores in general have declined steadily in recent years. This is thanks to Amazon and its 2-day shipping as well as the rise of digital products as a whole. This certainly applies to the video game market.

PC digital stores such as Steam or Origin have practically eliminated PC games from GameStop’s stores. A PS4 owner can buy a downloadable game from the PlayStation store from his own home. He can also stay home and wait for the game to be mailed to him.

GameStop gains barely enough from new games, but used products keep them open

Though GameStop sells most new games for $60, they make very little profit from them, as most goes to the game’s publishers and developers, netting GameStop maybe $10 (we really don’t know without access to their business agreements) per game.

When GameStop sells a used copy of a game for $55 that they paid $20 for, the get a clear cut profit of $35. These are approximate numbers but essentially they make many times more money on selling used products.

It means you can get deals on console games that you just can’t find with downloads

As the customer, if all you want is the actual game disc, then getting a $5 discount buy buying a used copy is pretty awesome, especially when it’s the same week that the game released. Older games can save customers closer to $20 if they opt for used.

You won’t get a ton for selling these, but how often will you play them if you upgrade to the PS4 Pro or the upcoming Scorpio? Might as well trade them in

Even this year, GameStop has had to close hundreds of stores amid sinking profits, so if they gave you more money for your trade-ins, they just might not exist anymore. People do love GameStop as a place to actually walk in and browse, find printed guides or game collectables as well as chatting with the usually knowledgeable staff and fellow gamer customers. Keeping trades flowing is a great way to keep the GameStops around.

How to increase you trade-in value

So a few simple tips; you almost always get more store credit than cash. You get more when you have a paid membership. Always go when they have a new game or system that you want as your trade-ins might be worth more if they go towards getting the newest stuff. Sell your used items and buy used games too, it’s the best way to stretch your money and still be able to always play different games.

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