Does Pinnacle Game Profiler Work?

Does Pinnacle Game Profiler Work?
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Playing PC games are fun, but there are times when you’d wish you can get more out of the experience. Unfortunately, not all PC games offer game controller support and those that actually do don’t always support all kinds of game controllers.

Controller emulators are available online, but many of them offer very little customizability or still have limited controller support. If you want complete compatibility for any controller, you should choose Pinnacle Game Profiler.

What is Pinnacle Game Profiler?

Pinnacle Game Profiler is a controller emulator that lets you use your game controller to play PC games that normally don’t feature controller support. However, unlike any other emulator, Pinnacle Game Profiler offers vastly superior compatibility features, which means you can play almost any title with almost any controller.

How Does It Work?

Pinnacle Game Profiler doesn’t just work; it also works quite easily. Your typical game controller emulators will require a lot of tinkering before making your controller barely usable for most titles, but Pinnacle Game Profiler requires only three steps – click, download, and play. Game specific settings are already pre-configured so you don’t have to worry about binding keys or calibrating your controller every time you play.

Complete Controller Emulation

Want to play using a controller without actually having one? Pinnacle Game Profiler also offers complete device emulation. Any device can be used to emulate a specific game controller. Common shortcomings present in certain devices can also be negated by using Pinnacle Game Profiler’s special gaming features such as sniper assistant, rapid-fire function, and even force feedback controls.

Unlock Your Controller’s Full Potential

Does your controller have keys that you feel like you could use for something else? Pinnacle Game Profiler allows you to bind buttons that other emulators normally can’t configure, like the Guide button found in Xbox 360 controllers.

In some cases, performing repeated button presses can either cause too much strain on the hand or the game controller itself. This is why Pinnacle Game Profiler also offers macro features that allow you to perform double commands, toggles, multiple shift states, and other command sequences in just one press.

Personalized Sensitivity

A common problem for some controllers is that the analog controllers have a set sensitivity that may not be a perfect fit for your playing style. Pinnacle Game Profiler’s analog to digital conversion capabilities allows you to quickly switch controller sensitivity in an instant, perfect for situations when precision is essential.

Stream and Speak

Pinnacle Game Profiler is also the perfect tool for integrating your communication apps into your gaming experience. By assigning push-to-talk and video capture functions, you’re ready to share your gaming experience with your friends, whether it’s for making coordinated team plays or streaming your video for your viewers.

Taking Your Controller beyond Gaming

Who says your controller is just limited to gaming? With Pinnacle Game Profiler, you can configure your controller to work with home theater PCs, and other multimedia apps to change settings such as volume, screen resolution. With proper configuration, your gaming controller can also become a universal controller.

Game controller emulators are either hit or miss, but Pinnacle Game Profiler is at a completely different level. Unlimited customizability and support on almost all existing game controllers make it the only choice for both casual and hardcore gamers.

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