How to Properly Set Up Pinnacle Game Profiler

How to Properly Set Up Pinnacle Game Profiler
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Last time, we talked about how you can make a profile and configure your controller with Pinnacle Game Profiler. It’s easy and takes almost no time, but a true gamer would want every bit of advantage to make the most out of your controller. Here are a few tips on properly setting up your Pinnacle Game Profiler.

1. Download Preset Profiles if You’re New

Pinnacle Game Profiler allows you to import and export existing controller profiles for different titles made by other app users. By downloading these profiles, you get settings that are tailored to most people’s preferences when using a specific controller or when playing a certain game title. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with the controls if you’re just transitioning to a new game controller.

2. Modify Existing Profiles for More Control

Most of the time, popular controller profiles are good to go; just load them up and click the play button and you’re set. However, you may have some quirks that keep you from properly playing with what usually works. Fortunately, Pinnacle Game Profiler allows you to modify the existing profile according to your specific tastes. This way, you can make finer adjustments without having to start from scratch.

4. Determine Your D-pad Style

There are three major styles of using the directional pad. Standard allows you to press between two directions for simultaneous actions (example: pressing between up and down activates both commands), Simple restricts actions to single button presses (pressing between up and down activates neither), or 8-way style (pressing between up and down activates a completely different command). Depending on what you want to use the directional pad for, one of the three styles will work better than the other two.

5. Don’t Forget About Sensitivity

Sensitivity determines how much feedback you can get from moving the analog sticks in your controller. Analog sticks are heavily utilized in almost any game, but just like when playing with a mouse and keyboard, there’s no such thing as a “perfect sensitivity”. Having a controller with enough sensitivity to match your movements without over steering can make a world of difference, especially in games where accuracy is a major factor.

6. Different Deadzones for Different Games

If the sensitivity dictates how much your input can do, the deadzone determines how much input is needed before it can do something. This is essential for preventing unintended actions caused by the slightest movements in your controller, but setting it too low can make the controller feel unresponsive. Different people prefer different deadzone settings depending on what game they are playing so you should keep trying and readjusting until you find that perfect balance.

7. Aim for consistency

Different games play in very different ways, and that means what works with one game won’t necessarily be ideal for another, even if both games belong to the same genre. Even if you’re making profiles from scratch, it’s better to customize control configurations separately for each game.

Pinnacle Game Profiler doesn’t just let you play with a controller; it also gives you the option to fine tune that controller for a gaming experience that’s tailored to your controller needs. This wraps up our three-part article series! We hope you get to play with the app to its fullest!

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