Top 5 Games Like Age of Empires

Top 5 Games Like Age of Empires
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Are you a big fan of the famous games series called Age of Empires and searching for similar games? If then, you are on the right road to look for top games like Age of Empires. We would like to bring you over with a list of 5 most recommended strategy game options similar to your used-to experiences.

Age of Empires has become one of the best and most successful franchises within the strategy genre so far. It is even considered as the best of the best in the genre, at which various active communities are crazy about death matches providing them joyful, fun and victory. Age of Empires has also influenced many other games and developed itself into this current status via its innovation of game plays.

1. The Anno Series

anno 1040

Games of the Anno series present a great combination of gameplay and city building. At present, a variety of Anno games is available for game players, however; The Anno Online, a strategy game where players can freely play in their browser, is the most update game with tons of attraction.

The Anno Series with each game focusing on a significant year in history offers similar features and mechanics of gameplay. Featuring similar gameplay, this games series mainly emphasize on the settlement economy created by the players, by which the stronger economies are, the more successful settlements will be.

2. Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology games as its name stating was created based on beliefs in mythology. A bit different from the series of Age of Empires, this game is from historical events happening in Atlantis and mainly emphasizes on the famous myths and legends of Egyptian, Norse, and Greeks.

Like the Age of Empires, the formula of Age of Mythology is to build an army controlling resources and beating the opponents. The player has to choose and play from one of three civilizations of Greek, Norse, and Egyptian with its own culture and religion, the players need to select their own and play in that role. The players can also be allowed to select their major God, based on their chosen empire before progressing next.

3. Starcraft 2

Installed from the Starcraft series, Starcraft 2 is set in a fiction universe of the 26th century with the main focus of a galactic battle between four various species to dominate the whole universe. A complete story is created by splitting the games into three different development parts.

Playing this game, you need to imagine controlling total of your units and are asked for the best strategies to survive in the galactic war. As a non-linear type of gameplay, the players have to play as one of three species including Terran, Protoss, and Zerg.

4. The Settlers Online

As an online, funny, free and unique game, The Settlers Online offers different real-time components to the online space. In this game, players can create their own empire from beginnings, then build up structures to develop their empire, and finally conquer the whole world. To build up the large empire, players need to collect resources and finish their missions.

5. Rise Of Nations

As a common real-time strategy game released in 2003, Rise of Nations is a well-rated game providing playing a wonderful experience by choosing from 18 different civilizations with eight different stages in the world history. With the concept of a territory style, Rise of Nations dictates areas nearby the settlement of the players as their territory which is the only places for players to construct the buildings. The territory can be expanded when the players expand the building forts or the cities.

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