How to Use Pinnacle Game Profiler

How to Use Pinnacle Game Profiler
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Earlier, we talked about how Pinnacle Game profiler works so well and makes it possible to use almost any game controller to play PC games that don’t usually support certain gamepads. This time, we’ll talk about how to properly set up and use this powerful controller emulator with this quick step-by-step guide.

Important: Make sure that Pinnacle Game Profiler is already installed in your computer and that the controller is already connected and detected by your operating system.

1. Open the App

Installation normally creates a desktop shortcut for the Pinnacle Game Profiler App for easier access. Once you run the app, you will see the main window, displaying the type of controller, configuration, and a brief list of your most recently used controller profiles.

2. Game Profiles

On the main window’s toolbar, you will see several options that you can click on. Click on “Game Profiles” and you should be taken to the Game Profiles window, where you can see existing game profiles currently stored by the app. Since we’re creating a new profile from scratch, simply select the “New” Button, located to the list of game profiles at upper half of the window. This will take you to the Create New Profile window

3. Creating a New Profile

Under the Associated File or URL Box, select the application that you want to play using the controller. This depends on where the program is installed, so it’s different for every user. You can also set the name of the profile as well as the icon associated with it for easier identification later on. You can choose from pre-existing icons or import your own icon files for better customizability. Click “OK” and it will take you to the Select Profile Template window.

4. Setting a Profile Template

From this window, you get three options: create a template from scratch, use a template designed to emulate an Xbox 360 controller, or an alternate template according to the most common control schemes ideal for shooter games. Pick one and click “OK” to return to the Game Profiles Window.

If you’re creating an empty template, you also get the option to download the “official” profile associated with the game. The app will automatically configure your controller according to the latest version of the official profile. If you picked this option, you can skip the next step of this guide.

5. Editing Your Profile

Back in the Game Profiles Window, make sure your new profile is selected among the list of existing profiles, then click “Edit Configuration” found at the lower half of the window. This will take you to a configuration screen, where you can assign a command for each button and analog stick.

6. Launching the Game

After successfully creating and selecting a profile, you will be returned to the app’s main window. Make sure that the new profile is selected and click the “Play Button” at the top right section of the window. The app will show a brief overview of the current profile configuration and the game will launch with your controller active.

how to use pinacle game profile

That’s it! You’re ready to play with your gamepad! If you wish to play next time, just run the app, click recently created profile, and click play again without having to go through all the process you did earlier. Next time, we’ll help you get the most out of the app with tips on setting up Pinnacle Game Profiler.

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