which GTX 1070 runs the coolest ?

which GTX 1070 runs the coolest ?
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If you haven’t seen it, we also have a breakdown of how well the 1070’s 4K performance is Can GTX 1070 runs 4K?. That should help you figure out the right monitor/card setup for you. This article is for those who might have a desktop that is stuffy and hot or who simply need the best cooling for overclocking or worry-free performance.

The days of breaking your card are almost over; performance throttling is here to “save” the day

I remember long ago I simple moved my PC across my desk, fired up a game and everything became extremely slow and glitchy and finally shut down. Confused, I opened my case and saw a poorly managed cable caught the fan blade of my CPU heatsink and trashed my processor. Lesson learned.

The important thing to note is that, thankfully, rarely will a card break from high temps, but they will throttle their power to cool themselves off if they need to. Though if you totally block a fan you’ll still have problems, cable management is important. The idea of the coolers is to prevent the card from ever pulling back on its own power.

First, we have the founder’s edition or the reference card. This is a straightforward blower style card. Efficient for small spaces, but don’t let it fool you, it often has to throttle performance to keep optimal temps.

Image wikipedia.org

Water cool if you want, but you shouldn’t need to

Next, we have water-cooled cards, but let me cut to the chase with this; don’t set up water-cooling just for your GPU. Aside from the founder’s edition, most 1070’s run cool enough on stock speeds and you can shop for bigger coolers for overclocking. That said, if you already plan on a water-cooled setup for the rest of your build, go ahead and include your 1070, there are multiple options.

Finally, we get the third-party cards. Those of us who might be too nervous to overclock our own hardware are lucky enough to have some manufacturers do this at the factory. Overclocking really brings on the heat so your we want to see three fans or two huge fans and an efficient design.

The runner-up’s

MSI’s attractive 1070 is among the more popular cards, but gets up to 80 degrees Celsius in demanding stress tests, which is the point of performance throttling. The runner-up in cooling is GIGABYTE’s 1070 G1. A monster with three fans, the G1 stays quite cool on initial runs, but the internal architecture keeps it from staying out of the low 70’s C.

Image Link: Wikipedia.org

The winner for the coolest card just happens to be the most powerful card from our most recommended brand, the ZOTAC 1070 AMP! Extreme (I promise they are not paying me to say this). The AMP! Extreme is ZOTAC’s most overclocked card out of the box and they knew they needed the coolers to match.

ZOTAC’s extreme label must mean extreme cooling too

They include three massive fans with special weird-looking fin scoops that somehow pull extra air. A solid backplate and huge dimensions of the card give plenty of outlets to radiate the heat. The result is an overclocked 1070 that gets max temperatures in the mid 60’s C, and the lowest idle temps at about 37 C. the fans don’t even turn on until they’re needed and are fairly quiet too, due to spreading the load over three rather than two fans spinning much faster.

ZOTAC’s AMP! Extreme is a fairly clear choice for performance, but some may have some hesitation buying from a somewhat less-known company. Also, once installed you must be very careful moving your PC as this card is heavy enough to crack your motherboard or slot if you move things too aggressively.

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