Why are GTX 1070’s So Expensive?

Why are GTX 1070’s So Expensive?
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Are you planning a new PC build or just thinking about a GPU upgrade?

Maybe you were stunned by the price-tag of the GTX 1070 cards. I mean, $400 for a graphics card? You could go to the store and get a whole computer for that much. Even Radeon’s best card is about half the price so why is the 1070 so expensive, and if its so expensive, why are so many people buying them.

The short answer can be found in Nvidia’s Pascal architecture for their 1000 series cards. There are a lot of small and huge details, but basically it is a huge step forward in how the card is put together. Nvidia has been out in front of Radeon for a while now and they are essentially competing with themselves for the best new graphics card.

A cheaper card will play all the games, but sometimes just barely.

If you just want to play the games than you don’t really need a 1070. The Radeon RS-RX 480 will let you actually play any game out there right now on a 1080 display. But the quality is what’s important. On 1080 displays you might get minimum frame rates of 30 or lower on some of the more demanding games like GTAV on the highest settings. These are noticeably low and you can see the flickering and stuttering on your screen.

A 1070 knocks every game out of the park at 1080 HD. Minimum framerates on ultra settings rarely dip below 60 fps and average frame rates tend to be over 100 for a lot of games. Most monitors can only show 60 fps, but many gaming monitors go above that with 144 Hz (meaning a max of 144 frames per second) being a gaming sweet spot, especially for competitive games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. This is an excellent reason to pay up for the 1070; it can absolutely pump out the frames in 1080.

But what about higher resolutions like 2K or 4K?

well we covered the fact that the 1070 can power a 4K gaming rig, and honestly, this is what all the power is for. 2K and 4K gaming is torture for most graphics cards, and it gets even harder the higher you have your settings. A lesser Nvidia or even Radeon’s best card will struggle to get the playable 60fps on 4K or even 2K with high settings. With 1080 gaming, a GTX 1070 may be overkill for those with a 60 Hz monitor, but you need every bit of the 1070 and its hefty cost if you want to invest in 2K gaming or above.


The Witcher 3 needs something like a 1070 for those higher 2k/4k framerates, otherwise you will lag so badly it will be hard to actually fight the monsters.

1070’s really do represent one of the best prices to performance ratios.

losing only to the Radeon RS-RX 480, which can give you power to actually run all of the todays games for less than $200. The alternatives are paying $200 more for a 1080 or $300 more for a 1080ti, but these are for those who want to dive headfirst into the highest fps 4K they can afford. Lastly, we haven’t even mentioned the $1,200 Titan Xp, which edges out the competition as the worlds fastest gaming graphics card. All in all, 1070 represents a great price point for those who want to dominate 1080 HD for the foreseeable future as well as those looking to enter 2K or 4K gaming at reasonable frame rates, at least until we get a new product from Radeon (codename Vega, but still no release date).

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